Shrimp Flakes

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The brine shrimp flakes is one of the most important products of our company. This product is the fodder of seedlings at their early age, which is made of good materials bought from at home and abroad. Through the process of scientific fermentation technology, high temperature sterilization, and after green organic production process, our products have abundant, complete natural nutritional components, which are easy to digest and absorb, so they can improve seedlings’ palatability , promote decladding, and increase survival rate. Moreover, after using our products, the water quality will not be effected and keep clean. The Zexiaji shrimp flakes made by our company are wonderful fodder for baby seedlings.

2. Product Ingredient

crude protein ≧45%, crude fat ≧ 6% ,water content≦8%, ash specification≦16%

coarse fibre≦13% calcium≧2% total phosphorus≧2% lysine≧2.2%

3. Product Package and Storage

Our products are packed by vacuum cans, and each can’s weight is 425g.

To store dried shrimp flakes well, please keep away from direct sunlight and put in the dry and cold place.

4.Instruction of use

According to different kinds of shrimp seeds, pour shrimp flakes evenly into the nursery pond after washing them by screen cloth in fresh water to feed seedlings. Our products can penetrate 250-mesh screen cloth and rest no dreg. Please feed seedlings 4-6 times every day in terms of the time of eating is around 1 hour for them.

Shrimp Flakes

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