We are gathered in autumn generally, but there are a small amount of artemia cysts to be even gathered in spring. Artemia cysts often reach bank and pile up together by stormy waves, assumes light reddish brown. It can blow and fetch from bank directly, or use specially made dip net to fish artemia cysts that floating on surface of water or suspending in water in leeward. To collect artemia cysts blowed by wind to bank, generally use a kind of square dip net (net mouth 40 meshes, net bag 90 meshes). To collect artemia cysts in water body, generally use a kind of round dip net ( top 40 meshes, bottom 90 meshes).

Put the fresh artemia cysts catched from salt pond into saturated salt solution of 250 saltness, fullystir salt solution evenly, stir once every 4-5 hours. 24 hours later, the most impurity become sediment. Take out the clean artemia cysts washed initially and re-put into the clean, saturated salt solution of 250 saltness, by 24 hours’ stiring and sediment, take out artemia cysts. The fresh artemia cysts are purified by the above 2 process of wash. Put the purified artemia cysts into storage pond with saturated salt solution of 250 saltness to pickle it temporarily, in this process of storage, often keep to stir. After this step, the most protective membrance of artemia cysts is removed, at the same time it loses the part of moisture in body, improves the sensitivity for outside physical reaction. When artemia cysts store up a certain amount, it is transported to processing factory to process further.

Put the above mentioned artemia cysts into salt solution of 120 saltness to keep on stiring, make artemia cysts absorb the part of moisture. 1-2 hours later, take out artemia cysts and re-put in salt solution of 70 saltness & ph 8-9 to keep on stiring, at the same time keep on observing by magnifier. When the plumpness of body reach 70%-80% of whole body, it is speed frozen immediately and stored by freezing.

The freezing dormant artemia cysts store in freezer for 30 days, need to inspect their hatching rate. When hatching rate reach 80% plus, it reaches the requirements of sale standard and may dry and pack. When hatching rate is below of 80%, take out the batch of artemia cysts to purify, speed freeze, store by freezing and inspect hatching rate. It can’t be dried and packed until hatching rate reach 80% plus.

Youfa Artemia Cysts always pay attention to quality changes in the course of processing artemia cysts, repeatedly test hatching rate in the course of drying artemia cysts, so as to supply chinese and foreign customers with high quality products.

Youfa Artemia Cysts pack the highest hatching rate artemia cysts by test in vacuum cans with vaccum packer, 425 grams each can, 12 cans each carton, store under 5℃ in dry air.

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