Artemia Cysts

The popular AAA BRAND Bohai bay Artemia cysts (brine shrimp) are available in all grades. These Bohai bay cysts are over-wintered, washed, dried, and tested under strict guidelines before categorizing into the different hatch rate categories. Average nauplii size at hatching is 440 microns.

We’re one of the leading quality artemia cysts manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy high quality quality artemia cysts for sale here and check the price with us.

Our company has chosen the most excellent strains for the processing of Artemia Cysts, and adopted the latest international processing technology. The average hatching rate is above 90%, and the products are processed with strict disinfection and sterilization so as to ensure the natural nutrition quality of the products.

Artemia cysts are a kind of active food which is rich in many nutrients. Especially in shrimp, crab, fish and other artificial breeding process, is one of the indispensable bait.

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