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ArtemiaCystsAAA (Youfa Group) as the independent branch company of Shandong Youfa Group located in the north of Shandong province of China specialized in (Decapculated) Artemia cysts/brine shrimp eggs.

we has focused on top quality artemia cysts for over 20 years in China. now we have become one of the leading suppliers in the producing artemia cysts in China.

During these 20 years, the annual output of quality artemia cysts in our company has increased from 50 tons to 500tons. Now except artemia cysts from Bohai bay, Tibet, Aibi lake, our company also directly import high-quality raw materials of artemia from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistab.



artemia cysts processing


We are gathered in autumn generally, but there are a small amount of artemia cysts to be even gathered in spring.


Put the fresh artemia cysts catched from salt pond into saturated salt solution of 250 saltness, fullystir salt solution evenly, stir once every 4-5 hours.


Put the above mentioned artemia cysts into salt solution of 120 saltness to keep on stiring, make artemia cysts absorb the part of moisture.


The freezing dormant artemia cysts store in freezer for 30 days, need to inspect their hatching rate.


We always pay attention to quality changes in the course of processing artemia cysts, repeatedly test hatching rate in the course of drying artemia cysts.


We pack the highest hatching rate artemia cysts by test in vacuum cans with vaccum packer, 425 grams each can, 12 cans each carton, store under 5℃ in dry air.

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Artemia Cysts are Brine Shrimp eggs with an excellent hatching rate

High eclosion rate
High efficiency ensuring the best NPG/CPG ratio
Cost reduction and time saving with no decapsulation required

Artemia Cysts are Brine Shrimp eggs with an excellent hatching rate. Artemia Cysts nauplii are well-known as the ideal live food for the first stages of larval shrimps. It is important to feed Artemia nauplii as soon as possible after hatching to take full advantage of the stored reserves found in freshly hatched nauplii.

Instructions for use
Keep cysts at room-temperature (20-24°C) 24 hours prior to hatching.
Hatching water: Use clean seawater or fresh-water containing 28-30 g of salt (NaCl). PH should be 8.0-8.5. If the PH is below 8.0 add Sodium-bicarbonate at 1.5 g/l.

Before hatching the cysts add 0.5-0.6 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to the hatching water.

Use a clean tank with conical-shaped bottom. Shake well with cysts before use. Do not wash cysts.
Add 2 g of cysts per liter. Keep the temperature constant at 28°C. Ensure light-intensity at 2,000 lux. Foresee enough aeration to keep the cysts in suspension.

After 24h stop aeration, wait 5 minutes and siphon the nauplii from the bottom of the tank, rinse with clean water and feed.

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